The Ways of the Force

In 2004, I began writing The Ways of the Force, an exploration of the theology of Star Wars.  Yes, theology.  You have perhaps read about the science of Star Wars, the Philosophy of Star Wars, the myth – or mythic images – of Star Wars.  It is well known that a lot of the images in the movie were based on George Lucas’s study of world mythology. 

What is not widely recognized is that, in addition to Buddhist and Taoist myth, Christian understandings and theology had a bit of prominence.  And why not?  While Lucas intentionally represented a variety of world mythic views, the underlying mythic understanding of American culture is still that of Christian theology. 

Of course, the project eventually lagged, but I am presenting here the chapters that actually reached a level of conclusion.  I probably need to do a little editing, and perhaps some revision after all this time. 

There is another chapter or two that I may complete and include here in the near future.  Who knows, i may even finish it if I follow Obi Wan and learn the ways of the Force….


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