Science Fiction and Fantasy


I have been interested in science and science fiction most of my life.  Whether it was watching Lost in Space (the television series) at supper time, or late night B grade science fiction movies on Saturday nights, NASA launches, Hubble pictures, The Lord of the Rings, The Sword of Shanara, The Green Hills of Earth, and on and on, my childhood (not to mention my second and third childhoods!) has been filled with wonder. 


 Science gives us enough grist for the mill to wonder.  Science fiction takes those possibilities and says, okay, if this or that technology was possible, what would happen?  What if there was a galaxy-wide civilization with a planet-wide captitol city and a civilization in crisis?  (Not Star Wars – guess again!)  What would happen if we could travel at near light speeds – fast enough to travel to other worlds, but at the price of never seeing loved ones again because they would be long dead when we returned?  If such things were possible, human beings would not shy away from such challenges.  But at what cost?  And how would people deal with those choices and those costs?

 Many of the space scientists who helped put human beings in space and on the moon were inspired by some of the great science fiction of their day.   I have found science fiction and fantasy to be inspiring and nurturing as well.  Ihave been inspired by those characters who have risen to great challenges.  I have been captivated by tales of other worlds – only to realize that that world is a metaphor for our own lives, our own courage, our own folly.  Or perhaps the author has done such a good job that we are surprised to discover that this really weird, alien world is earth.Rocket_25

 These pages are for the purpose of exploring those many worlds of science fiction and fantasy that help make our own world richer and our understanding – of ourselves and our world – a little broader.


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