It is spring 2017. With the warmer temperatures this winter, trees and flowers have been threatening to burst forth for some time now. The Geese seemed to be about a month early mating and nesting. The grass is now really green, and the trees are just beginning to burst into leaf.

Many of our great human tales in the spring have to do with new life and regeneration. Of course, that is spring in the northern hemisphere. At the time that these holidays are being celebrated, the south is getting into fall and preparing for winter. That, however, is a different exploration for a different time. I hope to have conversations with some of my southern friends about this at some point.

But wherever one lives, and wherever the earth is on its circuit when the flowers begin to blossom where one lives, I believe Spring has a lot of very powerful images and metaphors that resonate powerfully in the human psyche. There is a level where we interact with our world on a symbolic and metaphorical level, and I believe we interact with the idea of Spring in that way.

Spring, in a variety of religions and cultures, represents rebirth and new life, or the the cycle of death and rebirth.  The plants that have lain dormant for several months now begin to send out new shoots, flowers bloom. trees bud, geese and many other birds and creatures in general mate and nest and bring forth offspring.

There is a psychological experience that goes along with this. We humans go in cycles. We are not always up and positive. Our lives are not always sunny and pleasant.  Sometimes we simply go through times when we don’t feel as energetic or creative. Perhaps we have a period of depression or despair, or perhaps just lethargic. We may go through experiences of loss of job, health, loved ones.

For whatever reason, our psychological and emotional lives sometimes go through a fallow time, a time of relative dormancy.  At times we might feel despair or lifeless. And yet the message of Spring, in many traditions, is that new life and new energy returns.  There is a rush of new ideas, perhaps a rededication to beliefs and values.

Despair never has the final word, even in the face of loss and pain.  Hope and renewal comes.  Happy Spring!

President Trump has been in office for two months now, and the 115th Congress, controlled by conservative, purist, true-believer Republicans in both houses, has been acting like a kid with a hand in the cookie jar, knowing no one else would be home for a while. Everything the conservative reactionaries to modern society think they want, they are in the process of taking.

They are hobbling agencies they don’t like, killing programs that irritate them or they don’t believe in. And they are in the process of taking rights from those they love to loathe.  And anyone who reminds them of those people. Currently that means travel rights from Muslims, even those who have spent years earning those rights. And it means bathroom rights from trans individuals. And anyone who looks Muslim or Trans or Gay, etc. are also suspect.

They are in the process of cutting or curbing every agency responsible for helping citizens secure the rights due them. They are attacking the Dept. of Education and challenging the right to a public education, a principle almost as old as this nation.  They are challenging scientific standards in making decisions that affect the environment and the health of us all.

Basically, they are dismantling many of the programs and principles that have been the basis of modern society for most of my life. And longer when you consider the right to a public education.

It is frightening to think of where all of this could go. It is mindboggling that we are taking apart every principle of caring for our neighbor, for those who need help her and there in their lives.  Are we going to abandon every shred of caring and compassion we have developed over many years and through many difficult struggles?

It is now three days after the 2016 Presidential election. Many who had hoped to see Hillary Clinton elected have been in grief since. The grief and outrage and depression many of us feel in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election results isn’t about the politics. Certainly not JUST about the politics. It is about how the values we grew up believing this nation stood for have gone out the window. And those values are ethical and moral values. Existential values. Not religious, though for some of us they blend into religious reasoning personally. But these value are above any one faith or no faith. These are the basis of our humanity.

And we just saw a kind of person elected that a lot of our parents would not have let us play with as kids. This is the basis of the horror and revulsion so many of us feel. The programs put in place because we care about our nation, our land, and each other are now in jeopardy. A lot of our national lands may now be sold or opened to oil drilling. Social Security is now a target. The Affordable Care Act that tried to guarantee all of us access to healthcare and put some restrictions on the health insurers is now up for grabs. Respect for individuals different from us just became a quaint custom of the past. Even as we pride ourselves of being a melting pot of different kinds of folks. Oh sorry, maybe that just meant white folks from Europe.

And then there is climate change. Whether you believe in it or not, many top scientists are skeptical that humanity will exist in 100 years. And that is IF we get our butts in gear and DO something. Yes, it really is that bad.

Anyway, this is why many of the progressives among us are down and depressed and angry and some are protesting. Many of us feel like aliens in our own country. We feel like everything we have been taught about human decency has just been pulled out from under us. A very real part of the personal and intellectual and existential foundation for many of us has just been ripped away.

It seems that these divisions have been carefully cultivated and nurtured by leaders on the right. They won’t go away any easier than if Hillary had been elected Some of us think that someone who stood for all citizens had the best chance of doing that.

Now President-Elect Trump is faced with the choice of truly representing all U.S. citizens and angering his supporters or being the Bully in Chief that many of us fear.

The Big Bang Theory Controversy

Original Fiction by Ron L. Clayton

The esteemed minds gathered as usual to ponder, consider, discuss, and sometimes grumble deeply at each other. The group had been meeting from time out of mind, so they were quite familiar with one another. While they were quite familiar with each other, the various topics of discussion were so varied that they could still be surprised by how one member or another might approach the issue. And there were so many possible topics out of the vastness of all things that they never lacked for a topic to mull over, dissect, and generally try to get the better of one another.

Today’s topic was something of an old saw. They had been around and around the topic, arguing the possibilities, the flaws of perception, the essence of things, etc. But recently, one of the members had run a simulation based on certain far-from-settled assumptions. Everyone was now familiar with the simulation, and the room was buzzing with anticipation of the coming discussion.

The current leader called the group together. “Today’s topic is one with which everyone is quite familiar.” This was greeted with low chuckles from around the group. The leader smiled and nodded. “It seems that many of our discussions come back to this issue because the possibilities are always intriguing.

“And now our esteemed colleague has upped the ante, might we say, with a very sophisticated simulation. This is quite different from our normal means of analysis and raises many, many questions. Who would like to begin?

From several members, “Congratulations!”

All looked at the maker, who nodded in acknowledgement.

“How deep does it go? I delved into several moments, and each of the multitudinous creatures had numerous possible responses, each of which had several reasons and rationales many layers deep, and each moment held endless repercussions, depending upon which response was made, and even why that particular response was made.”

“Yes, almost endless possibilities represented in each and every moment!”

“No need to exaggerate, nothing is endless. We could chart each and every possibility.”

“Over the entire system, you would have to chart a minimum of ten to the twenty-third possibilities every moment, and that many the next moment for each of the possibilities the previous moment, and that many the next for the ten to the twenty-third times ten to the twenty-third of the previous moment. One could chart all possibilities, but you could never completely predict every outcome.”

“One could chart the major movements and drifts to see where it comes out, predict the overall outcome.”

“Yes, you could perhaps chart the over-arching, over-all outcomes. Perhaps. And then you would miss the little dramas happening on a much smaller level by individual actors. Part of the loveliness of the simulation is that while the whole system is beautiful, each of the sub-parts are equally so, and each of their parts, and each of those.“

“I agree. You could chart all the possibilities, eventually, but you could never perfectly predict. You could perhaps predict some overarching outcomes, but if you do so, you would not be accounting for events at more specific levels, and those could eventually undo the effectiveness of the general predictions. The final outcome could never be perfectly predicted. That is part of the wonder of it. So many possibilities, and while they could perhaps, all be charted and foreseen, one could never predict which possibilities would actually come to be.”

“And there is a value in that?” His answer came in the form of numerous sardonic glares from those who clearly thought there was. “Just because you do see value in the difficulty in predicting does not mean there really is one.”

“And just because you can find a reason to dismiss it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist.” The target of the last barb gave a sardonic smile and a nod. “Remember that the creatures in the simulation are acting with even less foresight than we have, and in this simulation we operate with much less than that to which we are accustomed.”

“Precisely. We rely on knowing the probable outcome of almost everything in our lives to a very high degree of probability. In the simulation, there is no certainty at all, for us or the creatures within.”

As if on cue, a small notification signal sounded. Two of the members suddenly seemed embarrassed. The current leader and the maker both sensed their discomfort and turned toward them, the rest of the group then redirecting their attention.

One of the two responded to the silent question. “We” he started, indicating the other embarrassed member, “realized early on that there was a great deal of uncertainty in the simulation. Since there has been so little uncertainty in our world for so long, it was intriguing. The mathematics alone was quite a challenge. So we began trying to predict the outcome of various situations. Then we began competing to see which of us could make more correct predictions. Then we began to make wagers on our predictions.”

The maker only smiled, but the current leader was aghast, as if a great faux pas had been committed.

“Apart from all that, it is so beautiful!”

“Is that what you all are going on and on about? A pretty picture?

“Admit it. Even you see the beauty in it. So much variety, subtlety, intensity.”

“Apart from the beauty of the physical, there are the beings who come to be conscious and self-aware.”

“And eventually become creatures yearning to be like us. Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t that a needed affirmation of our noble being! It is a model, a simulation! None of it is real!”

“All, the same, speaking of noble being, you have creatures making decisions, decisions that rule out other possibilities and set their course along a certain path. And they do this knowing that they can never even foresee all of the possible outcomes. They cannot even foresee all of the probable out comes.”

“It is a work of great beauty. On many, many levels.

“Here, here.”

“I want to revisit my question, how deep does it go? Are the creatures self-aware?

“What kind of question is that? It’s a model! A model based on calculations. Nothing more!”

“It is not just a model. It is a simulation. A simulation based on a very large number of possibilities and variables. Every moment the entire simulation could go an entirely different way. Creatures who have come out of that …”

“Are still not real!”

Perhaps, but at what point do they become real on some level?

“That is a totally meaningless question! The answer us never. It is a model, a simulation, whatever, it is an entire construct, a calculation, and that based on a myth.

“How can you say that? How, after such a demonstration of beauty and wonder and intrigue can you still call it a myth?”

“I can call it that because this demonstration, no matter how creative and novel,” nods to the maker, “no matter how delightfully intricate and detailed,” another body to the maker,” no matter how mesmerizing and entertaining,“ yet another nod to the creator, “proves nothing.”

“I move that we decree the model be kept in case the consciousness really might be conscious and sentient.”

“Do as you will. Even I can see the logic in that, though I still maintain it is logic based upon a myth. But no doubt it will provide us with much diversion and amusement and discussion for eons. It is a lovely answer to one of the greatest “What ifs?” of all our many and long discussions.

“Wrong, error-ridden, ridiculous, but lovely. It does not, however, change the basic problem in the least. A so called big bang is just an ‘if,’ or, rather, an ‘IF.’ Nothing more.

“The simulation has shown what might very well be the natural result if a big bang were possible. It is most mesmerizing and thought provoking, a tremendous congratulation and thanks to the maker. We will be debating this for a long, long time to come.

“But that changes nothing. What might happen, or even what most likely would happen after a big bang is not a proof there could ever be a big bang.

“You have still done nothing to make me believe in the Big Bang. Your mesmerizing, tantalizing model is based on the myth of the possibility of a big bang, and has done nothing to make me believe that a physical, temporal dimension could ever truly exist.”


(C) 2016 by Ron L Clayton




Meister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, it will be enough.”

Think of what this presupposes. This assumes that someone has received something, that a gift or a goodness or a blessing has been recognized and appreciated. Recognized, appreciated and accepted. In Christian theological terms, this implies grace being given and received.

The theologian Paul Tillich spoke of “accepting our acceptance.” The fantasy writer Stephen R. Donaldson said that “accepting a gift honors the giver.”

To offer a prayer that is as simple as a heartfelt “Thank you” embraces all of these facets. It is at the center of Grace-full living: to recognize and accept grace in whatever form, and to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The New Teacher

Retiring after 20 years, a United States Marine Corps gunnery sergeant took a new job as a high school teacher.

Just before the school year started, he injured his back. He was required to wear a plaster cast around his upper torso. Fortunately the cast fit under his shirt & sport coat quite well and wasn’t noticeable.

On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in the entire school. The smart-aleck punks, having already heard that the new teacher was a retired Marine, were leery of him and he knew they would undoubtedly be testing his toughness and level of discipline immediately.

Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, the new teacher opened a couple of windows wide and sat down at his desk. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he picked up a stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.

Dead silence.

And the rest of the school year went very smoothly.

Semper Fi!

Happy New Year!

Well, it is 7:45 p.m. where I live.  Another year is drawing to a close.  It is about time to start the annual Scrabble game with my wife.  Maybe I can win this year.

The New Year is a powerful point in the year, because it represents so much.  It symbolizes a new beginning, new possibilities, the end of things gone by.

“Should old acquaintance be forgot?” means should we forget old times?  The answer to that is no, especially to friends and loved ones.  But it is a reminder because of the powerful symbol of a new page, a blank slate, endless possibilities.  Each new year represents the changes we can make, the new person we can become.

So, happy new year to all.  Wishing you the best in 2012!

Back to Wyrld

For many years I had a collection of story ideas that grew and grew.   While at first the focus was on the alternate world, the story begins when someone from our world has an accident and wakes up in this alternate world where he discovers that he has magical powers.

Since he always wanted to find a magic land, he assumes that he is producing the hallucination and is actually back in the real world, dying.  He finds himself comparing his experiences to  Thomas Covenant and other standards of fantasy fiction.  It makes perfect sense, especially given how easily he learns to perform Real Magic, as well as some other unique attributes of the world in which he finds himself.

Then, last year, during the winter in 2010, I actually began writing and flushed out a good bit of the beginning of the story.  I wrote about 20 chapters, then hit a glitch and stopped.  I have now resumed.  Chapter 3 is actually a new chapter.  It is kind of exciting to “be back” in Wyrld.  It feels like I am returning to a favorite place, and now looking forward to see what happens.

If you are reading this and would like to read what I have so far (realizing it is still very rough), please let me know and send me your e-mail address and I will be glad to send you the password.

In the meantime, magical (and wyrd!) journeys to you!

Catching Up

This past week I registered on the site for my high school class reunion, and I have begun catching up with a few old (and now older) friends.  In the process, I saw that I had a spike in visits to WyrdWanderers – as much as 12 hits one day!!! – and that some had been to my humor page.  The humor page that I unfortunately discovered had nothing in it!

Okay, okay, so my wanderings don’t always include updating my site and writing new blogs.  It is kind of like taking photos at a special event.  Sometimes you need to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. (Of course, sometimes the camera helps you actually see things you might not otherwise, but that is a different post.)

Well, I would like to say that I have been  doing my Wanderings and focusing on the moment.  To some degree that is probably true, and to some degree posting actually preserves, remembers, or even creates the moment.  Life has few definitive borders, just like the earth seen from space.  Everything is in flux, in motion.  “Difficult to see. Always in motion, the future is.”  “Prediction is very hard, especially about the future.”  “You can’t put your foot in the same river twice.”  And those same currents that make the future difficult to see actually blur the boundaries between things like enjoying the moment and creating new moments.

Ah, well, I admit it.  I haven’t been keeping the site up.  Sooooooo, welcome to visitors.  Please feel free to post comments.  And a special welcome to those with whom I am beginning to connect after 40 years.  I trust you won’t be too surprised at some of the places I have wandered.

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