It is spring 2017. With the warmer temperatures this winter, trees and flowers have been threatening to burst forth for some time now. The Geese seemed to be about a month early mating and nesting. The grass is now really green, and the trees are just beginning to burst into leaf.

Many of our great human tales in the spring have to do with new life and regeneration. Of course, that is spring in the northern hemisphere. At the time that these holidays are being celebrated, the south is getting into fall and preparing for winter. That, however, is a different exploration for a different time. I hope to have conversations with some of my southern friends about this at some point.

But wherever one lives, and wherever the earth is on its circuit when the flowers begin to blossom where one lives, I believe Spring has a lot of very powerful images and metaphors that resonate powerfully in the human psyche. There is a level where we interact with our world on a symbolic and metaphorical level, and I believe we interact with the idea of Spring in that way.

Spring, in a variety of religions and cultures, represents rebirth and new life, or the the cycle of death and rebirth.  The plants that have lain dormant for several months now begin to send out new shoots, flowers bloom. trees bud, geese and many other birds and creatures in general mate and nest and bring forth offspring.

There is a psychological experience that goes along with this. We humans go in cycles. We are not always up and positive. Our lives are not always sunny and pleasant.  Sometimes we simply go through times when we don’t feel as energetic or creative. Perhaps we have a period of depression or despair, or perhaps just lethargic. We may go through experiences of loss of job, health, loved ones.

For whatever reason, our psychological and emotional lives sometimes go through a fallow time, a time of relative dormancy.  At times we might feel despair or lifeless. And yet the message of Spring, in many traditions, is that new life and new energy returns.  There is a rush of new ideas, perhaps a rededication to beliefs and values.

Despair never has the final word, even in the face of loss and pain.  Hope and renewal comes.  Happy Spring!


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