President Trump has been in office for two months now, and the 115th Congress, controlled by conservative, purist, true-believer Republicans in both houses, has been acting like a kid with a hand in the cookie jar, knowing no one else would be home for a while. Everything the conservative reactionaries to modern society think they want, they are in the process of taking.

They are hobbling agencies they don’t like, killing programs that irritate them or they don’t believe in. And they are in the process of taking rights from those they love to loathe.  And anyone who reminds them of those people. Currently that means travel rights from Muslims, even those who have spent years earning those rights. And it means bathroom rights from trans individuals. And anyone who looks Muslim or Trans or Gay, etc. are also suspect.

They are in the process of cutting or curbing every agency responsible for helping citizens secure the rights due them. They are attacking the Dept. of Education and challenging the right to a public education, a principle almost as old as this nation.  They are challenging scientific standards in making decisions that affect the environment and the health of us all.

Basically, they are dismantling many of the programs and principles that have been the basis of modern society for most of my life. And longer when you consider the right to a public education.

It is frightening to think of where all of this could go. It is mindboggling that we are taking apart every principle of caring for our neighbor, for those who need help her and there in their lives.  Are we going to abandon every shred of caring and compassion we have developed over many years and through many difficult struggles?