It is now three days after the 2016 Presidential election. Many who had hoped to see Hillary Clinton elected have been in grief since. The grief and outrage and depression many of us feel in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election results isn’t about the politics. Certainly not JUST about the politics. It is about how the values we grew up believing this nation stood for have gone out the window. And those values are ethical and moral values. Existential values. Not religious, though for some of us they blend into religious reasoning personally. But these value are above any one faith or no faith. These are the basis of our humanity.

And we just saw a kind of person elected that a lot of our parents would not have let us play with as kids. This is the basis of the horror and revulsion so many of us feel. The programs put in place because we care about our nation, our land, and each other are now in jeopardy. A lot of our national lands may now be sold or opened to oil drilling. Social Security is now a target. The Affordable Care Act that tried to guarantee all of us access to healthcare and put some restrictions on the health insurers is now up for grabs. Respect for individuals different from us just became a quaint custom of the past. Even as we pride ourselves of being a melting pot of different kinds of folks. Oh sorry, maybe that just meant white folks from Europe.

And then there is climate change. Whether you believe in it or not, many top scientists are skeptical that humanity will exist in 100 years. And that is IF we get our butts in gear and DO something. Yes, it really is that bad.

Anyway, this is why many of the progressives among us are down and depressed and angry and some are protesting. Many of us feel like aliens in our own country. We feel like everything we have been taught about human decency has just been pulled out from under us. A very real part of the personal and intellectual and existential foundation for many of us has just been ripped away.

It seems that these divisions have been carefully cultivated and nurtured by leaders on the right. They won’t go away any easier than if Hillary had been elected Some of us think that someone who stood for all citizens had the best chance of doing that.

Now President-Elect Trump is faced with the choice of truly representing all U.S. citizens and angering his supporters or being the Bully in Chief that many of us fear.