Back to Wyrld

For many years I had a collection of story ideas that grew and grew.   While at first the focus was on the alternate world, the story begins when someone from our world has an accident and wakes up in this alternate world where he discovers that he has magical powers.

Since he always wanted to find a magic land, he assumes that he is producing the hallucination and is actually back in the real world, dying.  He finds himself comparing his experiences to  Thomas Covenant and other standards of fantasy fiction.  It makes perfect sense, especially given how easily he learns to perform Real Magic, as well as some other unique attributes of the world in which he finds himself.

Then, last year, during the winter in 2010, I actually began writing and flushed out a good bit of the beginning of the story.  I wrote about 20 chapters, then hit a glitch and stopped.  I have now resumed.  Chapter 3 is actually a new chapter.  It is kind of exciting to “be back” in Wyrld.  It feels like I am returning to a favorite place, and now looking forward to see what happens.

If you are reading this and would like to read what I have so far (realizing it is still very rough), please let me know and send me your e-mail address and I will be glad to send you the password.

In the meantime, magical (and wyrd!) journeys to you!