Catching Up

This past week I registered on the site for my high school class reunion, and I have begun catching up with a few old (and now older) friends.  In the process, I saw that I had a spike in visits to WyrdWanderers – as much as 12 hits one day!!! – and that some had been to my humor page.  The humor page that I unfortunately discovered had nothing in it!

Okay, okay, so my wanderings don’t always include updating my site and writing new blogs.  It is kind of like taking photos at a special event.  Sometimes you need to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. (Of course, sometimes the camera helps you actually see things you might not otherwise, but that is a different post.)

Well, I would like to say that I have been  doing my Wanderings and focusing on the moment.  To some degree that is probably true, and to some degree posting actually preserves, remembers, or even creates the moment.  Life has few definitive borders, just like the earth seen from space.  Everything is in flux, in motion.  “Difficult to see. Always in motion, the future is.”  “Prediction is very hard, especially about the future.”  “You can’t put your foot in the same river twice.”  And those same currents that make the future difficult to see actually blur the boundaries between things like enjoying the moment and creating new moments.

Ah, well, I admit it.  I haven’t been keeping the site up.  Sooooooo, welcome to visitors.  Please feel free to post comments.  And a special welcome to those with whom I am beginning to connect after 40 years.  I trust you won’t be too surprised at some of the places I have wandered.