Do You Believe in Magic?

I have been performing magic off and on for about 30 years.  You can see my magic page here.  When I was first learning magic, I was often disappointed tolearn the secret.  Well, let’s face it, I had just read The Lord of the Rings and, truth be told, I really wanted to be Gandalf.  So I was often disappointed at how simple the secrets were to a lot of the effects I purchased.

That is one of several reasons that magicians don’t tell the secret; it would spoil the magic.  I learned that my task as a magician was to put the magic back into the effect.  The combination of the secret, the story or presentation (magician’s call it the patter), and the magician’s personality all serve to make a magical effect a true magical moment.  Performing magic is really a bit like alchemy: a bit of this, a bit of that, something to make everything interact.

Life itself is like that.  I believe life really is magical.  Much of life can, of course, be explained scientifically.  Even human beings, with our electro-chemical systems, synapses firing, etc. can be explained scientifically, at least as far as science can explain the human body.

But life from the inside, life as we live it, doesn’t seem like science and logic so much as something else; something more fluid, more messy, perhaps, less predictable.  Life, art, creativity, imagination, these do not seem to be bound so much by scientific principles as by magic; by alchemy.

Why is it that when we try to force an idea it won’t come?  Or when we try to remember something, it eludes us?  But in that misty realm of the mind when we are just awakening, or perhaps standing in the shower with our mind on idle, it comes to us?

Why is it that I find that I have difficulty thinking a story through in logical, outline form, but when I write and tell the story, it surprises me, the supposed author?  How is it that when I start telling the tale, things happen that I did not expect?

Please understand, I am not saying that science is invalid.  Nor am I trying to use science to explain some esoteric philosophy, as some of the new age folks do (usually misusing the science in the process).  Rather, I am simply trying to say that life is magical, it is full of magic, full of wonder.  Yes, things can be explained logically and scientifically after the fact, but just try predicting the path that the mind will take when creating art, or writing a story.  Or loving.  Or living.

Life is magical.  Do you believe in magic?