My last post was about the light of the season. Some of the lights of the season are still up.  I admit we haven’t gotten our tree down and decorations put away. But time rolls on, and it is now late January late February.  Winter is two-thirds gone, and we will soon have a sense of pushing toward spring.  There are a few patches and piles of snow around, and a new snowfall piling up as I write.

We look toward the holidays with so much anticipation, then before we know it, the holidays were a month ago, two months ago, and we are well into the new year. We are back into the old routines, the old worries and problems, perhaps new worries. Many of our resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.  Time goes on.

It is almost a cliche, but all we really have is now. It is so easy to worry about so many things, but the gift of life is the gift of now. This moment. What is past is, hopefully pleasant to recall. What is coming may be pleasant to anticipate. But all we really have is … right now. This moment.

This moment is a portal. We are constantly entering – but never arriving at – the future through the portal of this moment.  Beyond the portal lay mystery, wonder, magic…. All we have to do is … step through. Embrace the moment. Embrace the possibilities to come by fulling living in THIS moment.

A couple of days before the new year, on Tick Tock Day, I wrote this poem (if you want to call it that).



 precious moments slipping away


never to return


tell someone how much they mean to you


before it’s too late


don’t wait



Time goes on. Cherish the moment. Live. Laugh. Love.

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