The wyrd wanderings continue….

Well, I finally feel that I am “live” here.  I have a theme I think I can live with.  I am beginning to copy some things over from  That site is still operational for awhile, if you want to check it out.  But in an effort to economize – and to be able to update more often since  my son has to update that site – I am switching WyrdWanderers here. 

Pictures will probably be transferred to a photo site with links.  I have begun to move post some of my spirituality and Star Wars writings.  Maybe I will get to the point that I even weigh in on the annual holiday controversy about the “true meaning” of Christmas. 

For now, stay posted.  I hope to be putting things up regularly.  Most from the other site, but some will be from my miscellaneous file that I have never posted anywhere.  And, of course, to chronicle my current wyrdwandererings….